Skoolie Roof Rack Installation

Roof Racks

We can install a new standing area on top of your bus, so you and your guests can enjoy an open view of the sky above.

Skoolie Solar Installation

Electrical / Solar

We can set you up with a solar package to allow you to live off grid. Never having to plug in.

Skoolie Bumper Extension

Bumper Extension

Enjoy a backyard on your bus. A bumper extension will give you extra storage for your bikes and things.




You’d like to skip the “destruction of the inside” part? Let us know what you need and we’ll do everything we can to help!

Commercial Bus Build Out

Commercial Builds

Bring your business to your customers. Build out your small business in a Spoons Shorties conversion.

Skoolie Build Outs

Skoolie Build Outs

Work with out team to design your perfect Skoolie build out.