About Us

Justin Spoon is my name. I'm from Hamilton, an Ontario, Canada, blue-collar rust belt city. I became dissatisfied with my 9–5 millwright job and felt I needed a break from the monotonous nature of my regular workday. In order to get to PEI, I drove across Canada with two pals and my dog, princess Leigh. The splendor of Canada and the freedom of the open road completely astonished me. This trip opened my eyes to many new things that I had previously missed, such interesting people with unique viewpoints and ways of living, considering that it was a little car with three grown men and a dog. In a cramped automobile, I understood that I didn't need a lot of room or material possessions to be content. I couldn't believe how much fun I could have with so little. Even after the journey was over, I couldn't get over the desire to make that road trip a regular part of my life.

Justin Spoon

When I got back to Hamilton, I sold the small automobile we had dubbed "Dirty Mike" and acquired a big yellow flat-nosed school bus instead. I was overjoyed and impatient to get this yellow beast home at last. At the time, I had little knowledge of buses, but I was eager to learn and follow my newly discovered interest. Unfortunately, I bit off more than I could chew with that first huge yellow beast of a bus, and I had to sell it. It was taken out and I started over with a disability short bus that was more reasonable in size. I realized I wanted to share this dream with the rest of Canada after meeting a few more like-minded individuals who experienced the same excitement as me many months and many sleepless nights later, and I made the decision to launch a Skoolie company that focussed in short buses as my mission to try to aid other people in recognizing their dreams as I did!