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We get a lot of Skoolie questions and want to share some of the frequently asked ones with you here

Do I need a special license to to drive a bus?

You need a B class license to drive a bus that is rated for over 15 passengers including the driver.  You do not need a B to drive a bus that is titled as a motor home(RV).  We can help you title your bus as a motor home (RV title).  You do not need an air brake endorsement if you are using the bus as a motor home. 

Would you deliver a school bus to me?

Our delivery cost is $500 + $2.50 per km. Delivery radius is upto 100km from Waterdown ON.

Where do you deliver school buses?

Currently we are delivering school buses in Ontario, Quebec & Nova Scotia

How tall are the ceilings in a mini bus?

We general pick dually minibuses as they have much taller ceilings. The average is 6’6″ before removing any interior panel.

How wide is the interior (useable space) of the minibuses?

The interior dimensions of our minibuses are 14.5’ft x 7.5ft’ 

Do you offer full sized/large buses?

Yes! We do offer large buses by request only.

What do you recommend for insulation?

We have used many products, we recommend spray foam, as it is the highest R value per inch. As well as moisture can grow in spray foam. 

How long does it take to get my Skoolie?

Delivery time is set up once payment for the bus has been received.  Many times we can get your bus to you within 7-10 days.  Sometimes our schedule is full and we will require extra time.  Every attempt is made to get your bus to you when you need it.  If you have an extreme circumstance, do not hesitate to call.  We will get you your bus.

Is rust an issue on my bus?

While every bus in Canada has some form of rust, most of our buses have been undercoated from the bus company they were previously owned by year after year.

What motor does your mini buses have?

Well we don’t like fords, we recommend the 6L chevy vortec for inexpensive maintenance and regularly available parts. We recommend the 6.6 duramax diesel engine for people that understand that these will come with higher maintenance costs and better fuel economy. Breakdowns on diesel buses compared to gasoline buses are much more expensive. Most bus companies do not use Fords. 

Will my bus come certified?

All of our buses are certified and registered as motorhomes. Your bus will be plated, and ready for you to drive home on delivery. 

How do I get insurance for my Skoolie?

We provide a broker for insurance with every minibus purchase. It generally is around $500 for the years coverage.

Do you provide additional services after taking ownership of my Skoolie?

Yes! Please use our contact page to reach out and someone will get back to you with a project guidelines/budget or any other questions you may need answered.

Are tires expensive for my Skoolie or minibuses?

Generally tires are not that expensive on minibuses, they are comparable to pick up truck or SUV tires.

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